Green hosting, design, SEO optimization, and maintenance for your website

Launch your web project using 100% wind-powered servers and help preserve the environment.

Ecoweb features
Alojamiento, diseño y mantenimiento de tu eco-web
Ecoweb Monthtly Fee

What’s included?

  • Design and deployment of your website

  • Up to 30 pages

  • Mobile first design

  • Hosting powered 100% with wind renewable energy

  • 2 Gb of space and 3 email accounts

  • HTTPS certificate and your .com domain

  • Online store with Woocommerce

  • Monthly maintenance (2 hours)

  • SEO optimization, monthly/weekly reports

  • 12 months commitment. The price does not include VAT. If you are in the EU and have a VAT number we do not apply VAT, otherwise 20% Estonian VAT will apply. Non-EU companies are VAT exempt.

We use 100% wind energy

Ventajas Energía 100% Eólica

All of our servers operate 100% with wind powered, therefore with zero CO2 emission.

1 tree per month per website

Plantamos 1 árbol cada mes

We plant 1 tree per month for every eco-web thanks to the collaboration with the organization.

We donate 1% to the planet

Luchamos contra el cambio climático

We are happy to be able to donate 1% of our annual profit to improve the planet globally.

Hi, I’m Miguel

I am an entrepreneur  who works and lives in different parts of the world as a digital nomad.

Did you know that during 2019 internet traffic has polluted more than the aviation industry?

This fact and experiencing firsthand the ecological fingerprint of mankind in different parts of the world made me wonder how could I collaborate to preserve this house we all live in: “our planet”.

. . . and so Ecoweb was born, the best way to have a website with zero emissions that actually does something to help us solve the current climate change.

Soy Miguel

Learn a little more about me

Referencia Rijeka 2020
Referencia El Diario
Referencia Life In Riga



First we will sign a contract describing the conditions of our monthly services. Once signed, we will start your website design process following these steps:

  1. we will ask you all the necessary information to design your website, sections, texts, purpose of your website, features of your business, etc.
  2. we will create a scheme of your Ecoweb and perform an initial SEO study.
  3. we will ask you to approve the scheme.
  4. we will create the initial design of your Ecoweb’s home page.
  5. we will ask you to approve this design.
  6. we will design the rest of your Ecoweb and deploy it in a temporary URL so you can see it.
  7. Once you are happy with it, we will deploy your Ecoweb in its permanent domain.

The service includes the creation of an initial scheme of your website, its design, deployment, the initial import of products for an e-Commerce (if necessary), your domain name (subject to availability at a reasonable price), hosting, three email accounts, and monthly maintenance.

You will receive a weekly report including stats about your visits and a monthly SEO report.

The monthly maintenance (2 hours per month, non-accumulative) includes corrective maintenance, functionality fixes, SEO maintenance, and updating the WordPress platform, plugins, and themes.

The price of your Ecoweb will be the same, 75euros/month + VAT.

We have a monthly hosting service at 29 euros + VAT per month (if you have a VAT number, or are a non-EU citizen or company, no VAT applies, otherwise 20% Estonian VAT is added).

In case you want an online shop or e-Commerce, we will give you an excel file where you can add all the information of your products. With this file, we will take care of the initial import and deployment of products.

We will also ask you for the shipping information and which payment methods you want to support in your store.

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